Did you know that FortisBC is applying to build a new gas pipeline from Penticton to Chute Lake (30 km) to increase capacity to sell more gas?

With big developments being proposed for Wiltse, Spiller Road, and Naramata Vista, there will be hundreds of new homes that FortisBC plans to get 'hooked on gas'.  AND the plan is to offer more gas home heating to fast growing areas of Kelowna and Vernon.  MORE hook ups!

If this pipeline is built it will take us further in the wrong direction, locking in decades of emissions and indoor air pollution.

Our world is at a precarious juncture and we have only a short time to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs).  The last Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was clear that no new infrastructure should be built to ensure a future for our children and grandchildren.

The City of Penticton and the RDOS have Climate Action Plans with bold targets to reduce emissions 40% by 2030. Connecting more homes to fossil fuel (gas heating and cooking) will only increase emissions.

The $270 million that Fortis budgeted in 2020 for this project would be better spent developing green, clean, renewable electric energy.

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JOIN FTFO in letting the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) know that they are charged by law to protect the health and safety of BC citizens.  BCUC should not approve a new gas pipeline because GHGs from gas have many negative effects on people's health and the Okanagan Upgrade line is potentially dangerous to the streams and watersheds it will cross.

We are organizing to comment on the pipeline, to do an oral presentation to BCUC, to rally citizens in opposition. 

You can help stop this pipeline!

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