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Education Campaign Approved by Penticton Council

PenHigh Sustainability Club presented

to Council for a bylaw and education.

Hopefully bylaw comes soon.


Welcome to the Community.

The mission of First Things First Okanagan is to

promote awareness of climate change and work to find solutions for a better future.

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps can make your home run cleaner and more efficiently.  Getting off fossil fuel heating and getting an electric heater and air conditioner in one unit can give a healthier living condition, reduce costs, and reduce your carbon footprint.


RNG Myths

“RNG” is a marketing term coined in North America to describe methane gas that is produced from biological waste (bio-waste). Outside North America this gas is known more accurately as “biomethane”.

RNG sounds great. It captures methane from organic emissions that would be released into the atmosphere. Sadly, it is no cleaner or more renewable than "natural" gas obtained from fracking processes.  

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