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Topics: transportation, economic recovery, buildings, public engagement, agriculture, food security, and more.

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Have you written to the BCUC yet?
Learn more about the project and how to tell the BC Utilities Commission why new hook ups to gas are the wrong way to move.

Fortis is building a new gas pipeline beside Penticton!

Climate and Community Plans Reshaping Our Future

Penticton is getting a Corporate Climate Action Plan to reduce emissions.

The RDOS is launching an online platform for home energy audits.

THURS, May 26 @ 7 pm online

David Kassian, Penticton's Community Sustainability Coordinator will present the City's Corporate Climate Action Plan, addressing  reductions in transportation, building and waste emissions.

Jeremy Dresner, RDOS's Senior Energy Specialist will share the new online energy audit platform called to help homeowners plan for and implement effective, cost-saving energy solutions. The RDOS is launching a pilot project with beginning May 2022. Properate provides a home energy evaluation and home upgrade reports for RDOS residents and property owners.