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January 28, 2021


A Good War:

Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency  WITH SETH KLEIN

Watch the video of the evening with Seth, Victoria Ritchie (youth activist) and Jim Beattie (FTFO founder)  HERE

Congratulations to Stephani Horstman for winning Seth Klein' book! 
Here is her comment:

The most important thing I heard was about how charity-status cannot interact with the government the way we need to. He was talking about how he was getting involved with the David Suzuki Institute for furthering the work that started with this book. A close second was hearing about the active organization at UVic that called on the university to divest from O&G. I'm going to be a student there in the fall and am looking forward to helping out with action-oriented groups like this on campus.


Thanks for organizing such a great talk. It was very inspirational hearing about all the great actions we can take to soften climate chaos.

Other people said:

All governments and institutions have to be on board with the climate emergency by telling the truth. 

We need to listen to youth and indigenous knowledge to find the path to invoking action from our leadership.

That was a great discussion and I’m glad to have been given the pleasure of listening in. Thank you for the invitation. As for the chance of receiving this book, I would not that my key takeaway would come from Seth saying that just like in World War II, they didn’t know whether or not they would win but continued to fight. I was delighted by the conversation on raising the voices of those who are lesser heard. I made many connections. 

Many things stood out but one thing Seth said really struck me. He said digging in to the climate fight will feel different than we have been feeling in the Pandemic because in the pandemic everything we've been asked to do is antithetical to who we are as persons.

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