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Deep Dive Community Discussion

FTFO's Deep Dive DISCUSSION SERIES take place online monthly.

Topics: transportation, economic recovery, buildings, public engagement, agriculture, food security, and more.

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Have you written to the BCUC yet?
Learn more about the project and how to tell the BC Utilities Commission why new hook ups to gas are the wrong way to move.

Fortis is building a new gas pipeline beside Penticton and Naramata !


An Underutilized Energy Solution

Thurs, March 30 at 7 pm on


Geothermal systems use the earth's thermal properties in conjunction with electricity to provide unmatched heating and cooling efficiency.


These systems are also uniquely dependable, the geothermal units lasting up to 25 years and the ground loops often guaranteed for 50 years.


Why then is this climate-friendly technology not used more widely in commercial and residential developments?


Guest speaker Jimmy Leask is the Director of Marketing and Business Development at GeoTility Geothermal Installations of Kelowna, leaders in geothermal energy installation in Canada and the US.


Jimmy will explain why geothermal systems are so energy efficient, how they work, and how geothermal utilities can make this technology more affordable. 

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