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Organized in 2015 by local leaders, First Things First Okanagan (FTFO) is a non-profit under the British Columbia Societies Act with the mandate to educate Okanagan communities on climate breakdown and to promote and organize actions that will help build a sustainable society.  Using a broad range of activities, including school programs, online Deep Dive webinars, alternate energy symposia, sponsorship of election debates, lobbying of local, provincial and federal politicians, art based events and more, FTFO has delivered the message that climate change is real, but together we can make the changes that will leave a better world for future generations.

The mission of First Things First Okanagan is to promote awareness of climate change and work to find solutions for a better future. FTFO has FOUR goals and actions to address climate change.


In 2014, at the age of 94, Fred Ritchie had become increasingly concerned about human caused global warming. He was deeply concerned not just for his grandchildren, but for all peoples around the world.


First Things First Okanagan is run by nine Directors

About Us
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