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In 2014, at the age of 94, Fred Ritchie had become increasingly concerned about human caused global warming. He was deeply concerned not just for his grandchildren, but for all peoples around the world. A resident and orchardist in Naramata, British Columbia since the early 1950s, Fred convened a meeting with five other concerned Okanagan residents who agreed action needed to be taken. This led to a larger group from Osoyoos to Penticton meeting monthly to discuss climate issues and to ask themselves what they could do to play some role in turning away from carbon dependency. As small group discussions continued so also did outreach to the larger community. Public meetings were held in libraries, churches and homes. The group chose the name “First Things First”, which later became “First Things First Okanagan” (FTFO) and in 2015, FTFO was registered under the BC Societies Act as a not for profit society.

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