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How to reduce environmental impact

Electric Car Charger


Electrify your transportation

  • There are so many opportunities to use clean, electric energy to get around: electric vehicles (EVs), electric bicycles (e-bikes), and various types of scooters or electric motorcycles are becoming available to buy or to rent/lease.

  • View a recording of our Deep Dive session “Electric Vehicle Charging” in our video library by clicking the button below.

  • Take advantage of government rebates to purchase your EV and to install an EV charger at home. Click button below for details.


Compost Plant-based Kitchen Scraps

  • Compost fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, tea and coffee.

  • Join ShareWaste with button below to find a compost bin in your neighbourhood or to offer your bin to share with others.

  • Fold used newspaper into an upside down pirate's hat for composting kitchen scraps.  That can go right into the compost with the food scraps.

  • Avoid 'compostable' bags which are not usually biodegradable in a backyard bin.  Do the same for kitchen scraps - ditch the plastic.

  • In an apartment with no compost bin? Vermicompost with worms. Contact the Replenish Refillery in Summerland for a course and supplies.

Domestic Waste Bin
Echinacea Coneflowers


Xeriscape Your Yard

  • Lawns use lots of water. Replace lawns with drought-tolerant plants and xeriscape materials.  Use micro-irrigation if irrigation is required.

  • Enjoy lower cost and less maintenance work (no fertilizers or pesticides).

  • Reduce pollution and create a wildlife habitat.  Native plants, shrubs, and trees offer a familiar and varied habitat for local wildlife.

  • Get inspired by visiting the Okanagan Xeriscape website with button below for more information about native plants.


Convert to Electric Yard Equipment

  • Lawn equipment is responsible for 12 percent of all carbon monoxide emissions, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

  • Each gas lawn mower in use adds more than 85 decibels to noise pollution levels.

  • Be nice to nature and to your neighbours – convert to electric yard equipment.

  • Electric mowers, trimmers, chain saws, and leaf blowers are quiet, clean, and economical.  They require next to no maintenance and do not need to be winterized.

Lawn Mower
heat pump photo.JPG


Install a Heat Pump

  • Get an energy audit of your home and find out how to access funding sources for upgrades and conversions.

  • Install an electric heat pump, reduce your carbon footprint, and start saving money.

  • With button below, access our page to learn more heat pumps, how to obtain grants, and what type of system will works best for you.

  • View a recording of our Deep Dive session “Geothermal Exchange” in our video library with button below.


Reject Fossil Gas

  • Fossil Gas, also called natural gas by those who promote it, is a major source of methane which contributes to climate change.

  • Fossil gas used in buildings for heating or cooking contributes to various health hazards.  There a better alternatives such as electric heat pumps and induction cooking.  Watch our Deep Dive session titled “Cooking with Gas?” with button below.

  • Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is a form of methane and other chemical components originating from the decomposition of bio-waste.  See our bulletin about RNG with one button, and learn about the nature of RNG with the third button.

  • Fortis BC intends to build an additional fossil gas pipeline along Naramata Bench.  Click the last button to join our campaign and stop this controversial project.



Raise Your Voice

  • Join climate justice organizations, attend protests and share your concern for our planet with your friends, local elected leaders, and on social media. 

  • Write a letter to the editor about important issues: tree canopy, building codes, heat pump rebates, zoning, safe cycling, walkable communities.



Try These Ideas

  • Click the button below to check out more ideas on how to reduce your impact on our world.

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