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Image by Robbie Down

Try These Ideas

Small changes make a BIG difference



Reduce Your Clothing and Waste

  • Hold a Repair Cafe.  Gather friends and the community to fix things instead of tossing them.

  • Start thrifting your clothes or shopping on Facebook Marketplace

  • Organize a Clothing Swap and update your wardrobe for free, keeping fabric out of landfills.


Shop Sustainabaly

  • Make or buy a small produce bag to buy and store veggies and fruit.

  • Keep reusable produce bags in the car, bike, or purse to REFUSE plastic for fruits and veggies

  • Shop at Bulk Barn or The Refillery, Fillosophy, Impactful, or Locamotive with your OWN containers and bags.  Get a 15% discount on Sundays at Bulk Barn if you do!

Fresh Vegetables


Retrofit Your Home:

  • Save your money and planet while investing in a sustainable lifestyle by geting a heat pump, join a solar co-op, get an EV and a fast charger at home, get an energy audit.


Reduce Your Meat and Dairy Intake

Image by Precious Plastic Melbourne


Sustainable Cleaning Habits

  • Line dry your clothes

  • Use a washable cloth for your Swiffer rather than disposable ones

  • Consider switching to reusable plastic wrap, paper towels and eco friendly products

  • Try making your own cleaning solutions


Get a bidet

  • Attach a bidet to your toilet,

  • Make small wiping cloths to throw in the laundry

  • NEVER BUY toilet paper again!

  • Save tons of trees and money

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