Mission and Strategic Initiatives

The mission of First Things First Okanagan is to

promote awareness of climate change and work to find solutions for a better future.


Strategic purposes and activities:

Goal 1: Inform Okanagan communities about the consequences of climate change and inspire them to take action.


  • Work with local libraries to develop climate change displays that feature books and other resources.

  • Develop a public presentation on climate change that can be given to community audiences.

  • Work with schools to develop programs and teacher training sessions on climate change and reducing energy use.

  • Produce a series of brochures on climate change (general and topics relevant to the Okanagan –water supply, drought, wildfire)

  • Write regular columns on alternative energy solutions


Goal 2: Lobby representatives from all levels of government to support policies that reverse the build-up of greenhouse gases.


  • Write letters to provincial and federal representatives encouraging them to take quick and definitive action to address climate change.

  • Meet with municipal and regional district council members and climate action community members to promote a climate action agenda that includes community power initiatives.

  • Research the climate change mandates and targets adopted by of various levels of government


Goal 3: Inspire individuals and communities to reduce their GHG footprint.


  • Initiate a FTFO sustainable energy project and invite the community to participate

  • Organize an electric vehicle (EV) event and provide EV information

  • Facilitate access to GHG footprint calculators and hold competitions for GHG reductions


Goal 4: Network with other regional organizations to strengthen climate change awareness and stimulate effective action. 


  • identify other groups that have goals compatible with FTFO and seek a mutually beneficial affiliation

  • Engage with affiliated groups through joint meetings or webinars and collaborate on publications and activities

  • Promote collaborative actions and projects