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Mission & 
Strategic Initiatives

The Mission of First Things First Okanagan is to

promote awareness of climate change and work to find solutions for a better future. 

We acknowledge that we live on the unceded traditional territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation and value Indigenous ecological knowledge and worldviews.


We are named First Things First Okanagan because above all, we value preserving life on this planet through a respectful relationship with the natural world.


We have a responsibility to find local climate solutions that promote social and economic justice and stewardship of the environment.


We seek to advance climate action by working in a productive, cooperative and non-partisan manner.



Strategic Purposes & Activities 




Goal 1: Inform Okanagan communities about the consequences of climate change and inspire them to take action.



  • Work with local libraries to develop climate change displays that feature books and other resources.

  • Develop a public presentation on climate change that can be given to community audiences.

  • Work with schools to develop programs and teacher training sessions on climate change and reducing energy use.

  • Produce a series of brochures on climate change (general and topics relevant to the Okanagan –water supply, drought, wildfire)

  • Write regular columns on alternative energy solutions



Goal 2: Lobby representatives from all levels of government to support policies that reduce the build-up of greenhouse gases.



  • Write letters to provincial and federal representatives encouraging them to take quick and definitive action to address climate change.

  • Meet with municipal and regional district council members and climate action community members to promote a climate action agenda that includes community power initiatives.

  • Research the climate change mandates and targets adopted by of various levels of government



Goal 3: Inspire individuals and communities to reduce their GHG footprint.



  • Initiate a FTFO sustainable energy project and invite the community to participate

  • Organize an electric vehicle (EV) event and provide EV information

  • Facilitate access to GHG footprint calculators and hold competitions for GHG reductions


Goal 4: Network with other organizations to strengthen climate change awareness and stimulate effective action. 



  • identify other groups that have goals compatible with FTFO and seek a mutually beneficial affiliation

  • Engage with affiliated groups through joint meetings or webinars and collaborate on publications and activities

  • Promote collaborative actions and projects

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