Board of Directors

Jim Beattie

Jim has been a farmer, farm representative for government, and farmworker advocate. He represented Penticton as an MLA in the 1990s. Active in the South Okanagan Environmental Coalition, he fought against pesticide use in Okanagan Lake. He is a member of a Naramata Truth and Reconciliation Group and Musaic Vocal Ensemble.

Michael Healey

Michael is a retired scientist and academic specializing in marine and fresh water fisheries ecology. Interpreting science for policy makers, he became interested in the implications of climate change for ecosystems. He now devotes time to raising public and political awareness about the ecological, economic and social consequences of climate change.

Kathleen Davies

Kathleen taught high school in Australia, and was a lawyer practicing in Edmonton before retiring to the South Okanagan. Kathleen enjoys music, dance and reading, and is passionate about being physically active and outside in nature.

Margaret Holm

Margaret has worked in outreach and education for cultural and conservation organizations as a researcher, writer and program facilitator.  She now devotes time to climate engagement, environmental conservation, gardening, and staying active.

Brita Park

Brita is a retired French teacher who grew up and raised her family on an orchard in Oliver where she developed a deep love of Okanagan ecology. Her involvement in FTFO is part of her lifelong learning together with other members– inspiring and challenging each other to transfer personal climate awareness into action.

Leanne McDonald

Leanne has a BSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation. Living in Summerland, Leanne has worked in agricultural research, BC Parks, Osoyoos Desert Centre and now works as an Environmental Consultant in Kelowna. She is passionate about wildlife, nature and sustainability, and volunteers with the Burrowing Owl Society of BC and Vaseux Migratory Bird Observatory.

Lori Goldman

Lori is an ESL teacher and former business owner who cares about social justice. She is a world traveler who has known extreme air pollution in China and Nepal. Lori is active in the community volunteering with seniors and animals, striking for the climate, and encouraging others to participate for a future of climate justice. She loves birding, hiking the Penticton hills and waterways, and learning languages.

Barry Loewen


Meet The Team

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