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We can all make a difference

Make or buy a small produce bag to buy and store veggies and fruit.


Keep a reusable produce bag in the car, bike, or purse to refuse plastic in the produce area of the market.

Ask your store to supply a "Shopping Bag Library" so shoppers can use a recycled bag every time they shop and return them later.

Use folded used newspaper for kitchen trash instead of plastic bags.

Shop at Bulk Barn with your OWN containers and bags.  Ask other food service retailers to use your own containers.

Buy less, reuse more, recycle wrapping paper.

Start a Repair Cafe.

Line dry your clothes.

Turn your lawn into a vegetable garden.

Compost fruit and vegetable peelings, egg shells, tea and coffee.

Join to find a bin in your neighbourhood or to offer your bin to share with others.

Fold newspaper into an upside down pirate's hat to go in compost kitchen bin.  That can go right into the compost with the food scraps.

Avoid 'compostable' bags which are not usually biodegradable in a backyard bin.

Use a washable cloth for your Swiffer instead of disposable ones.

Take a set of washable plates and cutlery when going to hotels that offer free breakfast. Let hotels know that disposables are passé.

Retrofit your home: get a heat pump, join a solar co-op, get an EV and a fast charger at home, get an energy audit.

Join a Nxt Stp group to join other active people working towards a better and more just future.

Take Action At Home ideas from David Suzuki Foundation

How to Live Sustainably in 2022  5 great tips to live lighter on Earth

 Reduce Home Energy Use (and save $). Lots of links to resources.

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