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Global Climate Day of Action


BC and the Okanagan are in the midst of a crisis of fires, smoke, drought, and COVID-19.

Our political leaders, financial organizations, corporations, fossil fuel industries, and resource extraction companies are starting to move BUT not fast enough to stop the emergency. Even Exxon has just declared a plan for becoming zero emissions by 2050!! As well as reducing emissions and stopping water, air and land contamination, the change requires justice for workers, the disadvantaged, populations in the Global South, and those facing marginalization.

First Things First Okanagan will be active Sept 24 at noon in Penticton. Location TBA. In 2019, over 300 people came out. Can we get more this year? YES, WE CAN!

From FFF:

The climate crisis does not exist in a vacuum. Other socio-economic crises such as racism, sexism, ableism, class inequality, and more amplify the climate crisis and vice versa. It is not just a single issue, our different struggles and liberations are connected and tied to each other. We are united in our fight for climate justice, but we must also acknowledge that we do not experience the same problems; nor do we experience them to the same extent.

MAPA (Most Affected Peoples and Areas) are experiencing the worst impacts of the climate crisis and are unable to adapt to it. This is because of the elite of the Global North who have caused the destruction of the lands of MAPA through colonialism, imperialism, systemic injustices, and their wanton greed which ultimately caused the warming of the planet. With both the COVID, climate, and every crisis in history, overexploited countries and marginalized sectors of society are systematically left behind to fend for themselves.

The time to join the masses and follow the lead of the environmental defenders and workers has been long overdue. Reparations to MAPA must be paid for the historic injustices of the richest elite, drastic emission cuts in the Global North, vaccine equity, cancellation of debt, and climate finance are only the beginning of these. Together we will fight for a just future where no one is left behind. The historical victories of collective action have proven the need for the youth to stand united with the multisectoral, intergenerational struggle for a better future for all; a future where people and planet are prioritized.

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