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Choosing a Plant-Based Diet

Summerland resident Craig Milton found Cory Davis' Deep Dive Discussion on agriculture and climate powerful. Here's his response which got him a signed copy of Plant Powered Protein: Nutrition Essentials and Dietary Guidelines for All Ages, the book that Cory co-authored with Brenda Davis and Vesanto Melina. Cory's addition: “The Environmental Costs of Protein Choices”

Craig's response:

This was a terrific presentation. 

Thank you so much FTFO for focusing on this critical but fiercely avoided topic in the environmental movement.

Thank you Angela [Machuik from Replenish Refillery store in Summerland] for making space for this in our community and for all your local efforts to spread the word.

There is no single action an individual can do with farther reaching and more immediate positive impact on reducing our negative influence on the climate than simply changing what's on our plates. We can make a significant difference with our very next meal. 

And that doesn't even touch on the ethical and health implications of reducing animal products.

Plant based diets win on all three fronts. Environmental, ethical and health.

Even most "environmentalists" refuse to budge on this topic. This despite overwhelming evidence that we must if we hope to have any chance of reaching even the most modest climate goals. As Cory noted, eating animal products alone makes it impossible to reach targets no matter what else we do. Most climate conferences and environmental organizations won't even mention food let alone leave animals off the plate. It's like folks all want to save the planet as long as it doesn't mean giving up bacon and cheese.

As environmentalists we must lead by example. Perhaps FTFO can have regular features for strategies to transition to plant based foods. Maybe offer recipes, substitutions and alternatives. Perhaps as a regular part of your communications these items can be circulated. We have a number of long termed plant-based folks in the community who could contribute.

Please, keep being vocal about this critical issue even if no one else will. We need to push this to the forefront of the discussion.

Changing how we move around, conduct business or heat and cool our environments are very challenging and often costly endeavours. Necessary, but difficult to achieve for many folks. Changing what you eat is simple, cheap and has an immediate impact.

Living in an agriculture rich area, we have all the tools we need right here to transition to predominantly plant based eating.

Thank you again from a couple proud supporters.

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