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Repair Don't Recycle or Toss

If you have a broken light or vacuum or toaster, what do you do? The first inclination is to go to the recycling depot or (gasp) the landfill. But is there another way? The way our parents or grandparents used to deal with items that no longer work?

Yes! Fix it!

All around BC, communities are creating a place - a Repair Cafe - for people to gather and fix things.

From ElectroRecycle What is a Repair Cafe? Repair Cafes are community gatherings where visitors bring in broken household items to be fixed for FREE, or for a small donation. At the event, knowledgeable volunteers give advice and help to fix things like small appliances, power tools, furniture, electronics, bicycles, jewelry, decorations, clothing, and toys. When you visit a Repair Cafe, you and an expert repairer will roll up your sleeves to troubleshoot the fix together. It’s an ongoing learning process.

Reduce waste

Repair cafes help to reduce the amount of waste in the environment. Rather than throwing away a broken item, you can bring it to the cafe and have it fixed instead. This helps to extend the life of the item and prevent it from ending up in a landfill.

LEARN MORE at ElectroRecycle.

ElectroRecycle is Canada’s first small appliance and power tool recycling program In British Columbia, ElectroRecycle accepts more than 400 types of small appliances and power tools for recycling at select depots, recycling centers, thrift stores, municipal facilities, retailers and community events. With more than 230 free drop-off locations province-wide, there’s one near you. Use our recycling locator to find your nearest location.

ER is funded by the extra fee charged at the store when you buy something. J&C Bottle Depot and Campbell Mountain Landfill are drop off points for items beyond hope.

Penticton needs a Repair Cafe! Are you up for it?

Contact us to collaborate on this initiative.

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