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Farmers Market Conversations

Updated: Aug 1

FTFO Climate Action was at the Penticton Farmers Market, June 17, 2023. Lots of people chose the most impactful actions that individuals can do to reduce emissions.

At least 57 people chose these emission reducing solutions.

  • buy less stuff 33

  • drive less 24

  • grow own food 19

  • compost / eat less meat/dairy tie at 18

  • talk to people about climate 11

  • fly less / energy efficient house upgrades tie at 10

  • install solar / get an EV tie at 9

  • get involved with community 7

  • get electric garden tools 3

We also gave out accurate information about RNG "Renewable Natural" Gas. Oil & Gas companies tell cities and regional districts that increasing fossil fuel infrastructure, such as pipelines and fracking wells, are necessary to transition to renewable energy generation and not destructive. Funds should be redirected to developing solar farms and micro-grids with battery storage, run of river hydro, tidal and wind generation.

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