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Fridays For Future

Global Climate Strike

Friday, September 24, 2021
Youth Care!!

About 60 youth and others marched and chanted, spoke and sang.  Thanks to Jay, Rosemary, and Eden, and to the band Climactics with MP Richard Cannings!!

View videos from the event:

I am Jay, a student at Pen High and a local climate activist. I am here today because I am deeply concerned for my future. 

While some people choose to believe that climate change will affect us in the distant future, they are wrong. The effects of climate change are already being felt, even more significantly by marginalized groups. This summer, BC suffered from hundreds of wildfires. Lytton residents were forced to evacuate from their homes without a place to come back to. I worry for my safety-wondering when we will need to evacuate? What items should I take with me? What am I to do if I can't yet drive myself into town? It shouldn’t matter-because I'll only mess it up anyways.

And I worry for my health, when they (my parents) tell me to wear a mask even outside, alone, because they don’t want me to stop breathing one day, with smoke so thick as that.  We can’t let this go unnoticed. You can’t let this steal my future. There is no time to stop and look around. We cannot keep going about our lives with climate inaction.

This is a crisis. Let's work together, and treat it like one. 

The City of Penticton launched the Community Energy and Emissions Plan and you can tell them what should be done.

Policy making is taking TOO long and so we are hoping to MOVE THEM to do MORE

We need emergency level policies on climate

  • anti-idling

  • preserving canopy

  • xeriscape requirements

  • composting services

  • Blue Communities for water protection

  • single use plastic ban

  • EV Charging

  • Electric city fleet vehicles

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