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Coal use in China

Rethinking the role of coal power

The planned installation of wind and solar projects will see their share of China’s power generation rise close to 20% in 2025 – up from 12% in 2021 – and their installed capacity increase to 45% of the total installed capacity of power generation by the same year.

To absorb this increase in power generation from variable sources, major changes will need to take place in the operation of China’s power grid and coal-fired power plants. 

China’s power generation is still dominated by coal, with a share of 60%, although its installed capacity has dropped below 50%, as the chart below shows.

The share of wind and solar has risen rapidly, reaching 27% of installed capacity and 12% of generation in 2021. Hydropower accounts for 16% of power generation, with nuclear providing 5% and gas 6% of the total.

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