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Houses from Plastic Bottles??

Yes, a company in Nova Scotia is building Net Zero homes from recycles plastic bottles.

A CBC article in 2019 introduced JD Composites to the whole country. And on The Current October 18, 2023, Matt Galloway interviewed one of the creators.

Photo from JD Composites.

The company is using patented structural insulated panels (SIPs) to make a foam core material which are extremely strong, energy-efficient and cost-effective. The homes are resistant to mold, can withstand hurricanes, and can be assembled in 14 hours.

They can make 900 homes a year.

Listen to the interview and get inspired!

The Current with Matt Galloway - Oct. 18, 2023: Building homes out of plastic bottles

"The Canadian company JD Composites is building homes out of recycled plastic bottles — and tests show they’re sturdy enough to withstand hurricane-force winds. We hear how that model might help places where the changing climate is making weather more extreme."

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