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City offers free energy and solar audits for multi-family buildings

February 8, 2024

News Release

To address energy use and greenhouse gas emissions generated from large residential buildings, the City of Penticton is offering free energy assessments and solar generation studies for a limited number of stratified multi-family buildings.

“Greenhouse gas emissions generated from heating and cooling buildings accounts for over 30 per cent of Penticton’s community emissions profile,” said David Kassian, Sustainability Supervisor. “By providing stratas with detailed reports on how to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, we are empowering building operators to lower energy costs and reduce their impact on the environment.”

The energy assessments identify energy-saving opportunities and provide a clear understanding of the building’s energy use patterns, resulting in a report that recommends low or no-cost measures to improve energy efficiency. Stratas can then use the information in the assessment to retrofit their building for cost and energy savings. 

The solar generation study determines the amount of rooftop space available for solar power generation, including the potential amount of solar power generation, a high-level cost estimate, and financial payback. 

To determine eligibility and apply for a free energy assessment and solar study, visit and fill out the online application. Once received, staff will follow up with eligible buildings on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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