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Solar Coops save $$$

BC is moving to new ways of producing electricity

Peace Energy Cooperative has helped many residents and communities install solar systems that generate clean power for their homes and public buildings efficiently for their specific needs. The excess power goes into the grid.

In Penticton, our utility is owned by the city and community systems could reduce the city's expenses greatly, especially during peak usage like heat waves!

Their home page says:

Welcome to Peace Energy Renewable Energy Cooperative, the first in western Canada! Our over 590+ members share a common vision: a clean energy world filled with hope and opportunity. Since 2003 we have been shaping a better future powered by the limitless, clean renewable energies of wind and solar. Peace Energy Coop members are working together to make this a practical reality, for today and forever. We hope you’ll join us!

This is an overview of the coop and how the experts evaluate the needs of each home owner and fit the installation to those needs and budget.

First Things First Okanagan will have a presentation on solar groups in the fall of 2021. Stay tuned!

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