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Solar Rebates in BC: Exciting opportunities coming in June 2024

The B.C. government just announced rebates for the installation of rooftop solar and battery-storage systems. 

Eligible homeowners can receive BC Hydro rebates totalling up to $10,000 for instaling a qualified solar photovoltaic (PV) system and battery-storage system together. 

BC Hydro will also be releasing targeted rebates for apartment buildings, schools, community organizations, local governments, small businesses, social-housing providers and Indigenous communities, which could go up to $50,000 to $150,000 based on the individual customer. 

Rebates will be available in July. More information can be found below: 

From CBC "We need more clean energy to power our homes, businesses and industries, to power a growing economy and to power our future," Energy Minister Josie Osborne said in a written statement.

The plan comes as B.C. attempts to transition to using more electricity from alternative sources. In April, B.C. Hydro, which provides power to most residential and industrial customers in the province, put out a "competitive call for power" in an effort to generate more electricity in coming years. 

"New sources of electricity will be required sooner than previously expected," the province said in a media release last summer.

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