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Why support EVs ? Lots of reasons!

Check out this article in The Tyee by Raymond Leury Jan 8, 2024

"Don’t Give Up on the Electric Car Dream : In defence of key weapons for fighting climate change, EVs and renewable energy"

Leury challenges the article published in The Tyee “Poof Goes the Electric Car Dream,” by Andrew Nikiforuk. That article Dec 2023 says that EVs aren't important in addressing climate breakdown and criticizes the industry of mining and production for EVs.

But Leury goes through each of Nikiforuk's points against EVs to show how and why moving to electric transportation is a viable way to greatly reduce GHG emissions.

"EVs are not perfect, but they are an important part of rapidly decarbonizing our society to address climate change. Lost in this discussion is the fact that renewable clean energy is replacing fossil fuel energy worldwide. This means that EVs running today will actually become cleaner in future years as they recharge from cleaner electric energy sources."

Contributors to this article are CACOR members Geoff Strong, PhD, an atmospheric/climate research scientist in Cowichan Bay, B.C., and Art Hunter, PhD, designer of the renewable energy Manotick Microgrid, who lives in Ottawa. 

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