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Climate Messaging

Selling the Science of Climate Change

This podcast from Climate One is from May 2018 but the ideas are still current.

Speakers: David Fenton Founder, Fenton Communications Renee Lertzman Climate Engagement Strategist and Author Michael Mann Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science, Penn State University Cristine Russell Freelance Science Journalist

The scientific consensus is that human activity is cooking the planet and disrupting our economies. Yet many people still don’t believe that climate change will affect them personally, or they deny the urgency of the problem. Can better communication help sell the science of climate change? “Only the repetition of simple messages changes public opinion and affects the brain,” says David Fenton, a four-decade veteran of PR campaigns for the environment, public health and human rights. “If you are not using effective messages that you repeat, repeat, repeat and are simple, then you get nowhere.”

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