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Harvesting FOG for H2O

Good news story about Peru

Fog water collection systems (Credit: Aqualonis).

Reasons to be Cheerful posted this article about harvesting fog to catch water in an area heavily impacted by water shortages.

Excerpt: The fog catchers go some way toward addressing the grim inequalities of water supply in Peru. In Los Tres Miradores, a typical family consumes about 50 liters of water per day, according to Cruz, while the average water consumption in Lima’s richest neighborhood, San Isidro, is around 250 liters per family per day. He says that those unfortunate enough to be outside of the remit of the city’s water utility, Sedapal, have to pay 10 times more for water that is instead delivered by trucks.

Proponents believe that fog catchers have the potential to improve water supply for communities around the world amid ever-challenging circumstances. The UN, which has targeted universal access to clean water by 2030, estimates that even though water use has become nine percent more efficient, the global urban population facing water scarcity is projected to rise from 930 million in 2016 to between 1.7 and 2.4 billion in 2050.


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