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Recyling Questions?

Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper product recycling throughout British Columbia, servicing over 1.8 million households or over 98% of BC. The depot in Penticton is overseen by Recycle BC and the city pickup is managed by them, too.

We are lucky in BC because Recycle BC is concerned about the ethics of proper managing of our recyclables. "We ensure packaging and paper product is collected from households and recycling depots, sorted and responsibly recycled."

The funding comes from industry: retailers, producers, and food service providers.

Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance Inc. (CSSA) supports Recycle BC and is a "national, non-profit organization dedicated to providing support services to stewardship programs across Canada."

Go to the WEBSITE to read about how this group looks after our recycled products. There are 3 different pages to explore.

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